Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hi Everybody
Have been keeping up with all the latest news, sorry have not posted as have been working hard at work and coming home to work some more, did manage to get my Angel swap sent and I know it has been received, and then there was the Advent swap to finish and post and I finally finished that last Friday and have now sent that on it's way to the Netherlands to Monique, hopefully will arrive in the next week. I have also sent of Cheryl-lee's (daughter) swaps as well as she has been working hard as a trainee manager at one of the McDonald stores in town and had to go on course this week. Cheryl-lee's Advent swap partner was Rachel from the USA and she has sent her parcel to Cheryl-lee the day before we sent ours, so we are keeping our eyes on the mail.
Am having a week off work and have my sister visiting and her two beautiful children and I have been sick, note to self don't get sick on holidays, don't function well when sick just lie in bed and sleep.
Well that's all for now, next time will remember to show picture of what I sent to my Angel, Jennifer in Washington. Love and Hugs Deb

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  1. Dear Debbie,

    YOUR PACKAGE HAS arrived savly yesterday afternoon. Thanks!
    I wil bring your package to the postffice tomorrow after work.
    have a lovely weekend.